Ink Technology


    UNI pigment ink

    • Light resistance
    • Water resistance
    • Bleaching resistance
    • Ammonium hydroxide resistance
    • Hydrochloric acid resistance
    • Ethanol resistance
    • Erasure resistance


    UNI helps to prevent Cheque Washing

    A cheque fraud crime, also widely known as “cheque washing”, has become a serious issue in countries where cheques are the major forms of payment. A thief gets a hold of the cheque you made out to the phone company, for example, “washes” the name and the amount with basic household products to make the cheque payable to himself / herself. Soon enough, you realize that large amounts of money have been withdrawn from your account. Most inks are easily “washable”, especially dyestuff ink. On the other hand, uni-ball’s pigment ink has superior water resistance, so you will not see any degradation or fading. To prevent your cheques from being “washed” and reused, you can rely on uni-ball’s pigment ink that has earned a reputation for securing signatures and important documents.