UB-200 (08)

    UB-200 (08)

    UB-200 (08)

    Tip: Stainless steel

    Ball: 0.8mm tungsten carbide ball

    Barrel: Plastic (PC)

    Ink Colour: 3 colours (Black, Blue, Red)

    Ink Refill: UBR-90(08) (3 colours/Black, Blue, Red)

    • A foundation pen-like quality with a long-cap barrel and high-class feel. This pen also boasts a stylish design that resembles an airplane.
    • Smooth ink flow controlled by the Direct Ink Method.
    • Vivid pigment ink for bolder colouration.
    • Created more colours in the Roller segment of liquid pigment ink for the first time in the world.
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