UM-151 (038)

    UM-151 (038)

    UM-151 (038)

    Tip: Stainless steel

    Ball: 0.38mm tungsten carbide ball

    Barrel: Plastic (AS) & Elastic rubber grip

    Ink Colour: 20 colours (Black, Blue, Red, Baby-pink, Pure-pink, Pink, Mandarin-orange, Orange, Golden-yellow, Lime-green, Green, Emerald, Sky-blue, Light-blue, Blue-black, Violet, Brown-black, Green-black, Bordeaux-black, Lavender-black)

    Ink Refill: UMR-1 (4 colours/Black, Blue, Red, Blue-black)

    • Ultra-fine tip featuring a 0.38mm-sized ball enabling precision writing for planners and technical drawings.
    • 0.38mm-sized balls for versatile application at work or school.
    • Self-developed, precision stainless steel tip with superior durability and gel ink that enables you to draw solid, fine lines.
    • Unique twin-ball mechanism prevents ink backflow and leak.
    • Rubber grip that fits comfortably in your hand for ultra-fine precision and fatigue-free writing.
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